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How to Care For Your Candles

Posted by Aria Sage on
How to Care For Your Candles

Sleek and beautiful, candles have slowly become a main staple in home decor. They give any home a beautiful candlelit glow that fills every space with your favorite scent. It’s hard to keep yourself from buying candles whenever you leave the house, but how are you taking care of them? Let’s break down the best ways to care for our candles at home so we can get the most out of them.


Trim your wick

When burning a candle, it’s important to keep your wick in mind. Trimming your wick before each burn helps extend the life of your candle. It promotes even burning as well as minimizes the amount of soot left behind after burning. Your wick should be about 6 mm in length to keep your candle in great condition. Pro tip: invest in a wick trimmer! It’s a great tool that you will use over and over again.

Burn evenly the first time

Excited about the brand-new candle you just brought home? Light it up! Just remember to keep your candle burning around 2-4 hours the first time you light to ensure that the surface of the wax melts evenly. This will prevent tunneling, which leaves unused wax stuck to the sides of your candle. What a waste!

Clean your candle and wax regularly

Let’s face it, soot on a candle is like having dirt on your face. You don’t get to see the pretty glow within! Make sure to clean your candle with a clean towel and some coconut oil. The oil will help remove the grime from your candle container. You can also clean your candle with a damp cloth. Make sure your candle has cooled down before cleaning it.

You should also make sure your candle wax is clean. Debris, such as pieces of wick and matches, will keep your candle from burning evenly. It can also cause soot to develop on your candle at a faster rate.

Place the candle in a safe place

Fire safety is nothing to take lightly. In order to ensure your beautiful candles don’t cause any mayhem, keep them on a flat, stable surface. Keep them away from children and pets that could knock them over. You should keep lit candles away from any furniture, curtains or other flammable materials.

Keep in mind that any wind or drafts in your home could cause your candle to burn unevenly and smoke. It could also diminish your candle’s burning time and lose some of the beautiful scent your candle gives off.

Stop burning before reaching the bottom

It can be incredibly tempting to try and burn every inch of wax inside your candle. However, this could cause an unsafe situation. If you are burning a candle that has less than 10 mm of wax left inside it, the glass container could overheat and shatter.

Do not move a burning candle

Another safety tip: moving burning candles and candles with hot wax could end in disaster. You run the risk of burning yourself and spilling hot wax in your home. You could also disrupt the candle and cause it to burn unevenly.

Don’t blow

When you’re ready to extinguish all your candles, don’t blow on them. Blowing could cause hot wax to splatter on yourself, other people or your belongings. Debris from your wick could also fall into the hot wax, creating a mess that you will have to clean up later.


Keeping these tips in mind will help you extend the lives of your candles, keeping your home fragrant and glowing. Now, go enjoy your day and light a few candles!

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